Setting up a business in Spain


Whether you are moving to Spain and planning to set up a business, a Spanish resident who wants to start a new venture, or an external investor, you will need an experienced accountant to guide you through the formalities.

Sol Accounting assist you with:

Setting up and registering a business

Business in Spain can operate as a sole trader (empresa individual), a partnership (sociedad civil) or a limited company (sociedad limitada). We can help you to decide which option is right for you and set up and register the business on your behalf.


Obtaining a licence

All business premises in Spain have to obtain an opening licence (licencia de apertura) from the local council and in some cases, sanitary or other licences may be required. We will help you obtain the licences you need and advise on any grants available for new businesses and investments.

Registering with the IVA office

We will also register the business for tax purposes with the local tax office and obtain  a tax identification number or NIF

Registering with the social security office

Your business will need to be registered with the social security office and will need to make regular payments. We can help you register and advise you on the payments required.

Taking on employees

Finally, if you take on employees, you will need to pay social security on their behalf and set up a proper contract of employment. Our team includes employment law specialists who can guide you through the process of employing staff.